Bondjet BJ935/BJ939

Wire bonding (ultrasonic compression bonding) is a combination of three precisely controlled parameters that form the bond: (i) Ultrasonic vibrational power; (ii) Downwards force; and, (iii) Time. The wire is pushed with a controlled force against the surface to be bonded, then the wire is vibrated (in battery production this typically happens at 60kHz for 100 milliseconds).

Each wire has at least two bond locations – the first bond (source) and the second bond (destination) – but chain or stitch bonds with multiple bonds per wire can be created too. The wire or ribbon forms a loop between the bond locations, compensating thermomechanical stress.

Initra uses fully automated heavy wire bonders from Hesse Mechatronics GmbH, formerly ‘Hesse & Knipps’, a world leader in the field of ultrasonic welding technology for the microelectronics and semiconductor industries, focusing on power electronics and Li-Ion battery assembly. We support the 125nm to 500nm wire thickness bonding range, wire pull testing, automatic digital control test and offer custom testing line development base on the project requirements.

Bonding Li-ion battery packs with cylindrical cells requires heavy wire bonding equipment  (≥100μm), and dedicated wire solutions based on the specific pack design.

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